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 Designation: Shadowlancer

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PostSubject: Designation: Shadowlancer   Designation: Shadowlancer EmptyFri Sep 11, 2009 11:04 pm

Name: Shadowlancer

Nicknames: Shadow

Race: Cybertronian

Faction: Decepticons

Age: Unknown, not even he knows. But he’s Old, really old. You can tell just by looking at him.

Profession: Lost to the depths of time...

Appearance: Old. He bears some similarities to the Modern Seeker, however if Starscream is the up-to-date model then Shadowlance is the very first Prototype.

Alt modes: Ancient Cybertronian Jet

Current location in this Universe: Ragona

Personality: If you looked up “Insane” in the dictionary on Cybertron then you would find a picture of Shadowlancer. Nothing he does is Predictable and his Personality reflects this perfectly. Or rather, I should say, Lack of a Personality. He doesn’t have one, not anymore; at least, not one that is fixed. And by that I don’t mean he has a Split personality since he will never act the same twice. He could go from Homicidal to protective to uncaring in the space of a minute. The only thing that is constant about him is the fact that his left optic is constantly changing colour, twitching as it does so. Reflecting whatever personality traits he is showing at the time.

History: He’s old; the Technology on him speaks for itself. It’s been outdated for Millennia. Guards whisper rumours that he might be one of the first Cybertronians ever sparked. Maybe even THE first which would make him nearly as old as the Universe itself. However this is only speculation. However his memory only goes back about three Vrons. Possibly an accident at Ragona, or he wiped his own Memory core.

Whatever happened, the result is that most of his history is lost to the depths of time. The only things really known about him are that he was one of the first Prisoners ever contained in Ragona. However the reason why was lost in a Data crash about two and a half Vrons ago and even if he could tell you he probably wouldn’t.

The years of physical and mental abuse he’s endure at the prison, without even knowing why, have driven him clinically insane. In fact he was scheduled to be moved to level 2 but when they tried he killed six guards. Something about how truly ancient his design is means that Stasis Cuffs won’t work on him, nor will any other form of restraints except Physical ones and he simply wouldn’t hold still long enough for those to be used.

And so he was left in his cell to rot. Energon being given to him via a minute hole in the door which barely allows the tube to fit through; let alone someone’s servo. His mental state has only continued to degrade since.

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Designation: Shadowlancer
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