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 Designation: Swindle

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PostSubject: Designation: Swindle   Designation: Swindle EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 4:19 am

Name: Swindle
Age: Old enough...
Race: Cybertronian
Side: Decepticon, but only for more business opportunities
Likes: Cash or credit, NOT fighting, easily negotiable people, making deals, selling things
Dislikes: Getting his chassis kicked, getting stuck in vehicle mode, loud annoying things
Current Location: Here and there, have to be everywhere for business~


Swindle is a one-bot Black Market. You want it? He probably has it in his Transwarp Hammerspace in his chest. He's quite calm, relaxed and isn't really scared by much, not even Megatron. Quite easy going and has quite a reputation amongst many police squadrons around the universe, mainly for selling weapons that are illegal to certain parts. He is quite crafty and can easily escape from the police, making him rather wanted. Which he doesn't mind, more publicity is just more sales to him. He's quite the charmer, too; sway, sweet talker and quite cashful, he likes to be kind to ladies and buy them drinks, with really nothing else in mind. He's nice like that. And yet, he is still considered a threat. Silly police. He has a low tolerance to children, however. He can't stand them much, teens either, unless they're quiet. Despite his kind nature and demeanor, he CAN become aggressive if needed. He prefers to talk his way out of fights, but if he can't, he will try to stand his ground or at least make a distraction to flee. He is smaller than most Decepticons for some strange reason. His defense is poor, but he has so many weapons to back him up, it tends to overlook his poor defense.

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Designation: Swindle
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