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 Silent thief of the night Shadowstorm

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Silent thief of the night Shadowstorm Empty
PostSubject: Silent thief of the night Shadowstorm   Silent thief of the night Shadowstorm EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 5:33 pm

Name Shadowstorm

Continuity: All generations of transformers

Alt-mode: Cybertronic jet

Faction: Decepticon

Info: There hasn’t been a heist Shadowstorm hasn’t known about. Nearly always there, Shadowstorm finds it his purpose in life to be a necessary point in decepticon thefts. Receiving training from Yolketron (In animated), Shadowstorm has the necessary stealth training to make it to the top. His personal tools of choice are his long beam laser rifle, laser pistol, freeze gun, energon swords located within his arms, a nearly endless supply of explosive charges, and an energon blade, all his weapons are extremely light and portable. Only 4th in Cybertron’s most wanted list, Shadowstorm will always make it out alive

(Hey. it is Me. Soundblaster. I finally got another email for this!)
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Silent thief of the night Shadowstorm
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