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 Ragona Prison

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PostSubject: Re: Ragona Prison   Ragona Prison - Page 2 EmptyFri Oct 02, 2009 11:00 pm

Shadowlancer tilted his head from side to side to loosen up his joints, a few of the stiffer ones making a satisfying clicking noises as they poped into action. His left eye turned a Navy blue and he smirked.

"Oh... I'm going to enjoy this" he almost whispered.

To say that he "Went Nuts" would be an understatement. He might have been an old Bot but his systems had been well-maintained, so he was as fast and strong as any Younger Bot, even more-so then most.

It would be fair to say that the security bots didn't know what hit them.
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PostSubject: Re: Ragona Prison   Ragona Prison - Page 2 EmptySat Oct 03, 2009 1:23 am

//Loading data//



//Passcode required//

//Access Denied//

//Passcode required//

//Passcode accepted//

//Ignition codes downloading//



"Come on come on come on COME ON!"



"Halfway done..." Shockshadow looked out the door to make shure Shadowlancer did not suddenly get torn apart, but instead saw the opposite, he was tearing them apart, ripping there heads out mangling their insides, it was a freaking oil bath.





"YES!" unfourtunatly Shockshadow stared at the screen for a while as the download seem to be stuck at 99% "GRRR GAH STUPID PEACE OF JUNK!" with that he suddenly kicked the bottom of the console, and almost as if it actually worked...

//!00% download completed//
"I'm a genious..." Shockshadows red eye glowed a bright red as e gaining control of the system, ideas after ideas came to him as he thought but one strategy came to mine, certainly when Shockshadow and Shadowlancer got out of here Ragona would be out of commision for a while...

"alright lets do this.....HOLD EM OFF FOR A JUST A BIT LONGER!" Shockshadow began to type in a whole new command sequence

//Welcome Warden please enter command sequence//

//WARNING: Disabling level 4 and 5 security systems can be potentially hazardous please reconsider//

//Security systems disabled// with that a whole new set of alarms went off but to the two rougue Decepticons this was hardly a problem to the damage the Shockshadow did to Ragona's innards.

As a new wave of security bots entered about to take on Shadowlancer, Shockshadows Sonic disrupter cannon fired right past Shadowlancer destroying the squad Shockshadow ran from the security room his single red eye glowing brightly

"Alright....I have good news....and bad news....the good news, I got the codes, the bad news......some idiot hacked into the console....disable level 4 and 5's security system basically unlocking all the cells and causing a mass riot in those levels and because of that no one would notice some tiny prison ship making a get away with all the chaos.....I WONDER....who would be so evil as to do that?!....."

His single eye only glowed brighter pretty much stating the obvious but now was not the time to gloat....this was it....Shadowlancer and him would be practicly the first two level one inmates to escape from Ragona.......both of them would get out of this galatic slimepit

"Its a straight shot to the surface! Where getting out of here!" And with that Shockshadow headed directly to the area where the riots where happening.
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Ragona Prison
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